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uCSS crawls your website to find unused CSS, duplicate selectors (you can exclude pages/subdomains).

Human Interest

The only way to build is with real people in mind. They’d rather be with their families than deleting emails. They’d rather not mine a cluttered layout for content. They start off not knowing you and not caring, but if they detect a hint of grace and respect you just might have something upon which to build a relationship.

The Cost of Progressive Enhancement

Aaron Gustafson looks at the true cost of doing progressive enhancement (comparing doing it from the start vs retrofitting it later).

Wraith: FE regression testing tool

Today we are announcing the release of a front end regression testing tool called Wraith. This tool is something we have been using for the last 6 months, it has proven invaluable in testing CSS changes, both deliberate and unintentional.

Dark Patterns Review

This is a great look at Dark Patterns. It’s amazing how prevalent they are.

Progressive Enhancement Is Still Important

“One of the best things about the web is it can rival native applications without a hefty initial download, without an install process, and do so across devices old and new. Let’s keep it that way.”