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Bullshit Overlays

Sites increasingly use modal overlays to get you to subscribe or rate or any other thing, often upon first visit. Many people find these annoying; is there a better option?

Offline First

How do apps and sites respond when your connection flakes out or dies altogether? Is it resilient to gracefully handle these situations?

Transport in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has many of the same features as other European cities, but some aren’t always that well executed.

Transport in Hamburg

Continuing my exploration of transit systems in Europe, my next stop was Hamburg, with its extensive bike, bus, and rail networks.

Transit in Copenhagen

As with biking in Copenhagen, there are smart decisions made for public transport here.

Biking in Copenhagen

The shear scale of biking in Copenhagen took me by surprise. Here are some observations from my week there.

Innovations in Transport

Innovations in Transport, as part of the Manchester Science Festival, drew together projects, developments, and discussion from across the transport sector in the UK and Europe.

Visiting Vancouver

Toward the end of September, I went to Vancouver to watch the NORCECA Volleyball Men’s Championships. It’s a week-long tournament, but I made time to see the city. I loved it. Here are some of the things I liked about it.

:nth-type selectors

If you’re using advanced selectors, should you also provide rules for when they are not supported?