The Promise of Better Lighting

LED Lighting Microsite

Lamps based on LEDs offer new sources of illumination in a wide array of innovative designs. They have the potential of greater energy efficiency, longer lifetimes, and exceptional control over the color and hue of the light they emit.
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All lamps currently in use—including fluorescent, incandescent, and LEDs—emit both heat and light. The challenge with each succeeding generation of lighting technology has been to produce more light and less heat while mimicking the visual effect of sunlight and creating other desired effects. This microsite explores the technology and history of the LED and why it provides such promise for our future lighting needs.

The content on this site is drawn from the National Research Council report, Assessment of Advanced Solid-State Lighting. The report, a product of the Board on Energy and Environmental Systems within the NRC’s Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, summarizes the current status of LED technologies and products, and it evaluates barriers to their improved cost and performance.

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