Couchsurfing Redesign

Site Redesign

frontend development, user experience

In early 2014, Couchsurfing embarked on a redesign of their web experience. I was part of a small team (~15 people) that rebuilt the website from scratch. I led the frontend development, writing fast, clean, responsive code.

Couchsurfing is an international organization, used by people all over. It was important that the site be fast, accessible and available to everyone. We shied away from using the hot new JavaScript frameworks and went with jQuery. Additionally, we use PJAX to take advantage of newer browser technologies to load pages via Ajax. It was essential that the site be usable regardless of which device you visited with.

Aside from the frontend work I was doing, this project gave me hands-on experience with a Ruby on Rails project. I grew to enjoy Rails and got the chance to dive in to some of the backend development, working with engineers to create some of our controllers.

It was a collaborative experience that I found rewarding. The redesign was met with significant praise from the community. It is such a great feeling knowing that you’re making the experience of couch surfing easier and more enjoyable for surfers.