Brookings (2011)

Site Redesign

The Brookings Institution
Responsive Design Consultant

In 2011, a team at Threespot began a redesign of the well-regarded Brookings Institution site. With the 2007 edition, we went from tables to CSS for layout. With this edition, we were going to bring responsive design to the site. As with the previous build, we kept a component-based approach, which allowed the Threespot team to quickly deliver code to the development team. Given that design was ongoing when we began both front-end and back-end development, the component-based build gave us a lot of flexibility if things needed to change.

I served as a responsive design consultant on the team, assisting design, UX and development on how best to think about the design and build challenge ahead of them. I worked with them to identify master layouts and how each component could change at various viewport widths. One way the layouts could change was through interdigitation of the components. This gave us greater control over the content strategy and priority across devices.

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