Apple Pay

When the iPhone 6s came out, I finally decided to upgrade from my iPhone 5 despite hating the size of the device. This was because I wanted to try out Apple Pay. After several months using it, I love it. It bums me out when a store has wireless readers but doesn’t support it yet (or refuses to support it like CVS). It makes paying for things easy and I don’t have to give anyone my credit card.

Another benefit is iOS apps that allow payment using Apple Pay. When I encounter an app that lets me do this, I immediately switch my payment to that option and remove my stored cards from their system. Not having to worry that my card details will be stolen from their insecure systems is a nice perk. If I use a website that also has an app (e.g.: Amazon), I’ll use the website to find things and load up my cart, then switch over to the app on my phone to purchase those items.

I hope more apps integrate the Apple Pay option into their apps.