Why I Watch Ellen

I watch The Ellen Degeneres Show each day. I feel better after watching it. I feel inspired to be a better person. I have some personal stuff that I’m working on, and I sometimes struggle to not let it get in the way of me having a good day and expressing joy and love for others and life. It’s not quite as dark as that, but I have a distrust of people. Not that they’re out to get me, but that they’re selfish and don’t care about others. I think this is the case for many people, but I watch Ellen to remind myself that not everyone is like this. Indeed that most people are like this. It reminds me that people are good, but they’re going through their own shit and we need to be kind to one another and support each other.

Ellen has celebrity guests, as do all these talk shows. She also does wonderful things for her viewers, either sending staff to their homes or bringing them up on stage. It makes me happy to see her help out people who struggle but still find a way to be great people — helping others or remaining positive in the face of personal turmoil.

Ellen always ends the show with be kind to one another. After a fun, silly show with tons of good energy, it’s a final reminder that we need to help each other, and give each other support to be the best version of themselves. It makes me feel better and encourages me to adjust how I view others.