Enough With the JavaScript Already!

Nicholas Zakas discusses the proliferation of JavaScript and a call to use it more responsibly.

“After consulting with several companies on performance related issues, it became clear that one of the biggest performance issues facing websites today is the sheer amount of JavaScript needed to power the page. The demand for more interactive and responsive applications has driven JavaScript usage through the roof. It’s quite common for large sites to end up with over 1 MB of JavaScript code on their page even after minification. But do today’s web applications really need that much JavaScript?

“Through an examination of several large websites, this talk shows just how little of a page’s JavaScript is actually used by the time the page is loaded or immediately afterwards. You will also learn about JavaScript library design and how some flawed patterns add to not only more JavaScript code, but also more memory used to run it. In some cases, it might actually be worth your time to write the JavaScript component yourself rather than using an off-the-shelf one.”