Our FED Workflow Is Broken

The frontend industry is still very young, and we’re figuring things out slowly but surely. Kenneth Auchenberg suggests that our web development workflow is broken.

We’re certainly entering a period of time where there’s a real push for FE development to mature and integrate fewer ad-hoc approaches. You see that with the rise of MVC in JavaScript, JavaScript testing frameworks, as well as OOCSS and Sass in CSS, among others. It makes sense that coupled with that is a push for changes in how we test our work in browsers.

A List Apart’s most recent articles were about testing in JavaScript as well as structuring your JavaScript. These articles got me thinking about ways we can test our CSS as well. Almost like an enhanced Modernizr. You build tests that check if your styles are rendered how you expect them to be. Probably overkill, but we’re definitely moving to more formalized/refined ways of doing things.