Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Windows

Here are some tips for using keyboard shortcuts on Macs and Windows.


Macs typically prefer you to do things with your non-keyboard input devices, but it’s possible to do a lot with the keyboard. Apple provides a nice list of all the default shortcuts available at the OS level and in Finder. Most non-Apple applications follow many of these command conventions as well.

I would recommend also turning on full keyboard support. You do this by opening the Keyboard System Preference (System Preferences > Keyboard, then choose the Keyboard Shortcuts tab). At the bottom of the window is “Full Keyboard Access”. Set it to “All Controls”. Or you can use the shortcut Control+F7 to toggle it on and off.

While you’re on this tab, you’ll notice at the top a list of shortcuts. OS X provides ways to create your own shortcuts, both for the entire computer and individual applications. Pretty handy if an app you use often doesn’t have a shortcut for a task you perform frequently (or a key combination that’s hard to type).


Microsoft also has a list of available shortcuts.