Immigration Reform Organization

Regarding Zuckerberg’s Immigration Reform Organization:

The concern I have with most social media campaigns is if they lead to any real change. The effort to retweet or like or whatever is so low that it’s appealing, but it’s not real change. There’s something to be said for lots of people talking about something, but if they’re not doing something as well, change very rarely happens. How do these campaigns evolve to effect change in real life—and can they? I can see how the numbers of people who are supportive can help Zuck when he goes into meet with politicians, but if my options are to send a tweet or post, but giving money or volunteering are secondary considerations, how do we as individuals participate in the change making—how do we feel we’ve really done something? The virtual actions don’t feel weighty enough. As evidenced by all my questions, I think we’re still figuring a lot of these things out.

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