Responsive Day Out

On Friday, the folks from Clearleft hosted the Responsive Day Out, an event of quick-fire talks about responsive web design.

In Paul Lloyd’s talk, he said “Content is the baseline, design is an enhancement”. If you’re interested in what just your content looks like, and how well your site functions without any design enhancement, Lynx is a great browser to use. Even if this isn’t why you’d look at it, it’s interesting to see how what we’re building looks like in a browser that only supports HTML. There are a few ways to get Lynx:

  1. Homebrew * $ brew install lynx
  2. Lynxlet * a Termlet to run Lynx (it’s currently 1 version behind)
  3. Build it from source. Never done this, YMMV.

It is very configurable, and you store configurations in a lynx.cfg file.

For those less tech-savvy folks who would like to view a “naked” website, there’s a bookmarklet that will remove all styles. You can get it from this demo page.