When We Talk about Legacy Browsers…

Paul Irish is exploring the range of options we employ when dealing with legacy browsers like IE7 and below. (It can also apply to older versions of other browsers, too.) The range includes:

  1. Never looked at my site in it (e.g. IE7), don’t care.
  2. I gave it some fallback styling that should help ever so little, but beyond that I’ve forgotten it.
  3. I have defined a lo-fi experience for it (like print edition) and make sure it’s decent, even in its lo-fi state.
  4. It gets some “medium” experience… like it keeps background images, and general sense of layout. Some features of the site are just not presented to this browser’s users, as I follow the recommendations from html5please.com.
  5. I designed my site so all functionality is equivalent everywhere. Visually things may degrade. I have square corners in IE7.
  6. I make it all look the same. I have round corners in IE7. Everything is “the same” and my site takes 20 sec to load.

I fall at ‘4’, but often many clients require/think they require 5 or 6.