“Distraction”: Simplicity, and Running Toward Shitstorms

If you read nothing else today, read Merlin Mann’s piece entitled “Distraction”, Simplicity, and Running Toward Shitstorms. While he focuses on the ‘removing distractions’ apps and techniques, you can extrapolate the ideas expressed therein to many other scenarios, including agency project work. In essence, it’s about less fiddling and talking; and more doing.

Some gems in a sea of gems:

But, I would love it if we could all be more okay with the fact that real life means that we do each have a different, sometimes incongruous, and often totally incompatible point-of-view…. Then, to be only slightly more clear, I’m also not advocating for that fakey brand of web-based kum ba ya that gets trotted out alternately as “tolerance” or “inclusion” or some styrofoam miniature of “civility.”

That sergeant’s job is to make you miserable. It’s his job to break down your callow conceits about what’s supposed to be easy and fair. It’s his jobto emotionally pummel you into giving up and becoming a Marine.” (No, I’m not the sergeant.)

…sometimes, you’re going to have to just work unbelievably hard at whatever you claim to care about before anyone can begin to help you get any better—or less “distracted”—at it…